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Thursday, February 13, 2003

LOL! I love my Gostats counter! It's an ego trip to see how many people have visited my site. I can click on the counter and find out how my guests have come to see my site. Most people type or bookmark; some people are sent to me by other sites (for ex. FFFA). One particular guest came from yahoo search. He or she had typed in, "So much yarn, so little time". What are the odds of my having typed the same phrase on Saturday and someone searching for this on yahoo? What are the odds? Yahoo, upon searching their thousands (maybe millions) of sites, came up with mine. Number one hit. Makes my "leo-ness" want to roar! (Yes, ego trip. Yahoo knows about me.)

Yes, I'm a leo. I like to show off my skills. I like to be admired. I love teaching and leading. I have a head full of hair (mane). I am proud, and I will fight for my (and others') rights. I am leo--hear me roar! And in honor of my recognized leo-ness, I have inserted a horoscope button. Enjoy!


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