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Friday, March 07, 2003

I found this entry on one of my favorite blogs, When Knitting Was a Manly Art, and was intrigued. Here is Jerry's description.

"I've noticed that a number of Knitting Blogs have started to register with Blizg over the past few days. It's an interesting concept. You add a bit of information (metadata) to the top of your main page (View Source on my blog page to see what I've added), let Blizg ping your blog and you are now part of the Blizg blog index. Depending on what metadata you add, you can find related blogs, blogs close to your location, blogs linking in, blog linking out and vote for your favorites."

Pretty cool, huh? So, I've joined, and I've noticed in the one day I've been on it, my traffic has really increased. I hope everyone who has checked me out will come back and visit. :)

What did I discover when I pulled my Ringel socks out this morning while on cafeteria duty? One of the socks had come off the circ. Grrr. Trying to get heel stitches back on the needle is not fun. At all. I picked up what I could, and finished fixing it after school while waiting for the soccer game to begin. So, no new knitting on the socks, and I'm too tired to pick anything up tonight. I've learned not to knit late (yes, it's only 9:30 pm, but that's late to a teacher) or I will be ripping sooner or later. Tomorrow!


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