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Thursday, March 13, 2003

That darn cat!

I got a couple more rows done on the Kilim sleeve. I love working on it while watching General Hospital on SoapNet. Then, took a nice, hot bath. Picked up my newest copy of Real Simple. It's got a cute model wearing an equally cute headband. And I thought, "Hey! I could make that! Some really small needles, fingering yarn, and it would be really cute." Check out the magazine if you've never seen it. It's the only mag I currently subscribe to.

There is an article in the mag about stretches. After my nice bath (and thinking again about how much weight I've gained), I thought a few yoga stretches would be nice, and I was inspired. I have a TV upstairs and one downstairs. My VCR is upstairs, but there really isn't room to do my evening yoga tape in there (bad feng shui, anyway). So, I thought I'd google for a site with online yoga routines (particularly evening stretches). I came across yogaclass where you can select the routines you want played, and it will stream. Pretty cool, except the computer-generated voice saying "awesome" is a little strange.

As I was laying on the floor, doing the relaxation section ("Now breathe. Feel the air move through your lungs. Out again. Feel the air go through your feet and feel them tingle."), my cat, Tiger, decides he's seen enough. He proceeds to headbutt me--repeatedly--and rub my hand to be petted. It's very hard to relaxand meditate when a persistent, 16 3/4 lbs. cat demands attention. I really have to put him upstairs next time.

That darn cat!

I checked out the digital camara from school, seeing as Miguel's brother STILL has not returned ours. So, check back Saturday for pics of my latest WIPs and FOs.



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