Knitting (and spinning! The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY)

Saturday, April 26, 2003

Da-da-dada, da-da-dada (insert wedding music here).

We have booked our wedding trip to Las Vegas. I love Gainesville, but if we had the wedding here, the entire Hispanic community would come. And no, that's not an exaggeration. EVERYONE, friends of the bride and groom or not, comes to weddings. I KNOW all my current and former students would come and see me. While that makes me feel loved, the thoughts of men who I do not know trying to dance with the bride is somehow unappealing. :) Plus, Miguel's family is huge (there are 10 siblings, and upteen nieces and nephews). My family isn't here in Georgia. So, we're combining our vacation and wedding and going to VEGAS.

My sister and her fiance are going to come (wouldn't it be cool if we had a double wedding, Tom?) and my best friend, Maria, too. I'm calling my folks at 9 am this morning to give them the specific dates. Anyone else want/need a vacation? We are staying at the New York New York Hotel (jacuzzi room, ). Email me if you want more info. (C'mon, it would be so much fun for a group of us to go!)

Here, one of the teachers at my former school is putting a shower together. She has invited Johnson folks, and she has had me invite my Flowery Branch folks. I feel so loved that someone would go through this trouble for lil' ol' me.


Today is the monthly PINS (Purple Iris tearoom Needlework Society) meeting. Three hours of knitting, talking to new people, oohing and ahhing at others' projects, tea, scones, and lovely background music. I'm bringing my knitting friend from school, Day.

:) Life is good!


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