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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

I stopped by Discount Books here in town to possibly find some reading materials for my intermediate group. They are a great bookstore to find cheap used paperback books, craft books, and children's books. I couldn't believe it when I saw a rack with Berroco patternbooks. WOOHOO! I love Berroco patterns! Each one was $1.99--buy 10 and get 2 free. Need I say more? I came with 24 booklets/leaflets. In addition to the Berroco, I also picked up Fatto a Mano by Lang Yarns, a few Reynolds Patterns, a Classic Elite Yarn Pattern booklet, and a Skacel Sock it to Me! Issue #2 booklet. AND…I picked up three sets of Brittany birch needles--sizes 6, 7, and 8. These were marked Sale $6.99 and were in a 50% off box. So, everything cost me $56. Good deal, huh?

Here's the run-down:
Classic Elite Yarns 691 Newport Cotton (3 patterns)
Fatto a Mano by Lang Yarns (30 patterns)
Andean Alpaca Volume 287 ($3.00 normally) (4 patterns)
Andean Alpaca Regal 473 ($1.50 normally) (1 pattern)
Candide 990 Family Snowflake Pattern
Candide 991 Hat, Cap, Mittens, Socks Pattern
Eternity 536 Multi-colored Cardigan
Lite-Lopi 854 Cables and Seed Pullover
Paterna 818 Sleds Pullover
Paterna 819 3-Skiers Snowflake Pullover
Tucson 963 Lattice Cardigan
Skacel Sock it to Me! Issue #2 (7 patterns)
Brochure #164 Cotton Collection (6 patterns)
Brochure #166 Cotton Collection (4 patterns)
Brochure #170 CitySoft-wear Collection (6 patterns)
Brochure #173 TropicalMix (8 patterns)
Brochure #177 Wardrobe (12 patterns)
Brochure #181 Evening (10 patterns)
Brochure #183 Career (11 patterns)
Brochure #164 Cotton Collection (6 patterns)
Brochure #185 Basics (13 patterns)
Brochure #187 Wrap Up (11 patterns)
Brochure #189 Summer Basics (12 patterns)
Brochure #190 Getaway (10 patterns)
Brochure #189 Connoisseur Collection (9 patterns)
Brittany birch needles
sizes 6, 7, and 8


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