Knitting (and spinning! The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY)

Friday, April 11, 2003

We took Miguel to the airport early yesterday morning. We changed his return flight without too much trouble and expense. Then, Mom and I headed to the LYS in Sarasota. One is the Spinning Wheel (right next to a fabulous restaurant, Ivo’s). There Mom treated me to four balls of Crystal Palace Shimmer in a deep blue. Maybe a tank top? Don’t know yet, but it sure is yummy! I also picked up a 32 inch size five needle to begin the Kilim sweater ribbing. No, I’m not yet done with the second sleeve, but I needed a change.) I also picked up some multi-size and –color so as to keep track of where I am on the sweater. Then, we hopped over to the Knit Nook on Bee Ridge. I found the size 8 needle I need for the above sweater. This one is a 36 inch needle, and I think it will be just right. Both stores have fabulous selections of yarns, and I love visiting them when I come down. Now, if only I had the money to afford everything I like (and five more lifetimes to knit it all.)

Miguel got his passport stamped (3 hours of waiting in line for someone to take ten seconds to stamp it). Then he came home to see our apartment spotless, rearranged, and slightly redecorated. Seems his brother and girlfriend were a little cleaning-happy and bored. Miguel probably thought he had walked into another apartment! (No, I am NOT complaining! Lol) Can’t wait to see it.

Jose gave him the INS letter, and Miguel was disgusted when he read it. It told him to come down anytime, Monday through Friday, to get his passport stamped if he was planning to leave the country. Otherwise, the green card is going to be mailed to him in the next several months. So, his hurry-up trip back home was totally unnecessary. Oh well. It’s done, and he won’t have to worry about it anymore.


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