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Sunday, April 06, 2003

Florida, we are glad we made it!

As you can see, we made it to my folks house, but not without some difficulties. Our plane was supposed to begin boarding at 12:30 pm. At 1:30 we were told it was cancelled. Yes, the flight was cancelled. Let me tell you, there were about twenty passengers who were flying to Tampa to catch a cruise, and they were less than pleased. Airtran finally got us a plane, and we began boarding at 3:00 pm. Got into Tampa at about 5 pm, so not too bad (only 2 and a half hours late). But hey, I'm on vacation, so I wasn't too pissed. lol

For dinner, Mom and Dad took us to a seafood restaurant, so Miguel was in heaven. He had crab knuckles,and I had Mahi Mahi (outstanding with leftovers for lunch today). We got home around 8:30 pm (late dinner) and unpacked a little. I showed Mom my Kilim sleeve, and she loved it. :) I had brought along the Philosopher's Wool book, and she agreed that all the color combinations and patterns were breathtaking.

I plan on paying homage to the sun gods today and getting some knitting done. :) Everyone, peace!


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