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Sunday, March 30, 2003

Yarn is a beautiful thing.

I received my package from Matt and Rob at ThreadBear Fiber Arts. Miguel and I were going shopping early yesterday morning. We hopped in the car and he noticed a package hidden behind the bush next to our front door. Yippee! "I thought you weren't going to buy anymore yarn?" he asked. All I could do is grin and rip open the box. I love my color choices and think the day pack will turn out great.

This time next week, I'll be in sunny (hopefully) Florida. My folks are loving their new house outside of Bradenton. Miguel and I are visiting for a week for my spring break. Saturday to Saturday. Woohoo! They have a little pool (Mom's one request), and I plan to be out there quite a bit.

But, what knitting should I bring?

I am going to buy the ball winder I've been wanting for months (and months). I think I'm going to take my Kilim yarns, wind them into half-size balls, and take that project with me. I will probably also take my Ringel socks. I'm hoping to make it to the two yarn stores in Sarasota, both very impressive), and maybe treat myself to yarns I usually can't get up here from my LYS. (Hey, I'm getting a huge tax refund, so I'm going to splurge just a little. lol)

Now, I don't have a swift. However, I've been brainstorming how to wind the hanks of Cascade 220 I just bought (along with other hanks I have) without a swift. If I wind the yarn onto an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll, I can then wind them quickly on the ball winder. Think it will work?


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