Knitting (and spinning! The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY)

Friday, March 14, 2003


Started coming down with a cold today. While reading to my students today, I could feel the scratchiness begin in my throat. Ick. Thank goodness for cough drops and Advil. The soccer team has a game tonight, but I chose to come home and relax and not push things. It's a good thing, too; it was supposed to rain off and on, and my night-raining driving isn't all that. (I even limit my night driving, period.) It's 7:30 pm, and I'm bushed!! (The game probably just began. Sigh. Go Falcons!)

So, I came home, got into my jammies (sp?), took some cold meds, and curled up on the couch with my knitting. I've got 9 inches done on the Kilim sleeve (not including the cuff I need to take off. Grrr.) It really is beautiful! Just had some dinner (Aunt Jemima's French toast and Tension Tamer tea). Maybe I'll make it to 8 pm before crashing in bed. Maybe. Sniffle.


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