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Monday, April 07, 2003


We got a call yesterday from one of Miguel's brothers that Miguel's appointment for his green card is this week. The letter informing him of the appointment came on Saturday. Yes, the one week we are on vacation, he has to fly back early to go to INS. If they don't give him the stamp on the passport (the supposed last step before they mail out his green card), I will be severely pissed (insert any other appropriate explative possible).

So, he's flying back Thursday morning (an extra 1 and a half hour round-trip drive to Tampa for Mom and Dad) to go to INS. Frickin-frackin...So, to mollify myself, I'm hitting the two yarn shops in Sarasota either Thursday or (more probably) Friday. hrmph

I have done only a little knitting (yesterday morning). Just too busy laying by the pool, going to the beach, playing horseshoes, croquet, or Rummikub, or chatting with everyone. Great (until yesterday's unexpected news) vacation. (breathe,,,breathe)


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