Knitting (and spinning! The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY)

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Sorry, still no knitting pictures or news. I've been doing a little spinning, but not much. I'll try to post some picks tomorrow. I am, still drooling over getting a spinning wheel (Rob, I WILL get one--sooner or later--okay, later...sigh).

As for the house, closing is set for next Friday at 11 AM. We went today to measure for blinds and check out the brand-name of the locks. I've got a lot more packing to do. Sigh. Tomorrow I have to call and get a U-Haul rented. Two of Miguel's brothers are willing to help us move. Miguel and I will probably to a lot on our own. That's just fine with me; this way I can put things in place where I want them.

We sat down this morning and sketched out a basic plan of what goes where. Miguel is intent on getting the plastic corner protectors for the house. Ick. But, I'm willing to compromise. We took pictures today of the inside. I'll post some of them tomorrow.

Yesterday, I bought my first gardening book from Discount Books. It's a Better Home and Garden and I saved $12! :) It will be a completely new task taking care of a yard! Apartment life just doesn't off much in the way of gardening. Oh well. I love learning new things.


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