Knitting (and spinning! The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY)

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Went house hunting again this morning. Found two more to put into the mix. Here is a link to my favorite house.

These are the realtor pictures, and they really only show half the story. The property is up on a hill with incredible landscaping. The front porch overlooks the street with a view of hillside trees. The back is fenced with a patio and an awning (retractable), a seating area under the trees, and a play area for kids. The backyard is level and very private. I can see lots of spinning and knitting time outside. The kitchen has new Italian ceramic tiles on the floor and backsplash, and there are under the cabinet lights. It's four bedrooms (two on the main and two upstairs with dormer windows. One will definitely become a craft/computer room. Outside speakers stay and it has a security system. There is a small vegetable garden on one side of the house. The interior is very well decorated and painted. It is a 1999 built house and has a lot of character.

I'm going to try to get Maria and another teacher/brat friend to come with me to see it (again!) this afternoon and get their takes on it. I trust both of their judgements tremendously. Afterwards, we're going out to grab some dinner and a beer. Then I'm helping Maria bathe her four cats. Four hands against sixteen paws with claws. Tiger is not going to leave me alone when I come back; he will be sniffing me for an hour!

Of course, now that we've found something and things are beginning to come together, I'm going out of town. Thursday I leave to see Mom and Dad in Bradenton until the 15th. Thank goodness they have email and I have a Nationwide cell phone plan.

The excitement continues!


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