Knitting (and spinning! The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY)

Sunday, May 25, 2003

Yesterday was great!

I had my spinning class given by Donna Thorton. She brought two spinning wheels, a few spindles for sale, examples of Turkish spindles (very interesting!), and lots of different samples of spun fibers. We had 5 students who sat around a couple of large tables as Donna told us a little about spinning history. She passed around and described the different fibers (spun and unspun) and any dyes which were used. Then she showed us how to spin using a drop spindle. My spindle apparently is not well-balanced enough to spin and spin and spin, so I have always park and drafted. I picked up a beautiful spindle for sale, and that one spun very well. And yes, I did buy it (she said she would hold the $45 check for a week).

I also got to try one of the spinning wheels. It is double treadle, and I got the hang of it rather quickly. Went looking on ebay for a similar wheel and found one for $350 (including shipping). I might go see Ginny at The Spinning Shop and see what she's got. After buying the spindle, Donna gave me quite a few ounces of romney to take with me. I advertised the PINS tea shop get together, and I headed out the door just after 2 pm.

As I pulled into the Purple Iris tea shop, there was no parking! It turns out there were 11 of us at the tea! I came in just as everyone was begining their show-and-tell. We had the normal cross stitchers, knitters, the hand-quilter, and a rug hooker. That was something most of us had never seen before. Incredibly time consuming!! I showed off my drop spindle and the different fibers I had been working on. Most people had not seen spinning before, either. I also showed off my felted day pack along with the picture on the pattern booklet.

We ate, drank, and became merry. It was another lovely afternoon shared with friends, food, and fiber! (nice alliteration, huh?)

Have a great Sunday!


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