Knitting (and spinning! The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY)

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

There's a bright side to everything right?

For example, today we finally got the dryer hooked up. My dryer has a three-prong; wall has a four-prong. We switched out the plug, bought more tools, and tried it out. No luck. Switched the wires. Now, the dryer works but makes a horrible metal-on-metal screetching, as if the drum has gone gobbely-gook. Fixed that. Miguel exits stage left.

Nicole starts washer. Much laundry to do. Nicole checks to make sure it isn't leaking water. So far, so good. Nicole walks by coat closet--water has soaked through the closet carpeting and is in the foyer. Water is under the bookcases on the adjacent wall. In the laundry room. In the garage. Get the picture?

Nicole calls Miguel and briefly explains the problem. "I'll be there in a few minutes." Yeah, right.

I move everything out of the closet. Grab the towels. Repeat process with bookcases. Break crystal vase while moving said bookcases. No Miguel. No vacuum (at the apartment for final cleaning.). Call Mom and Dad. Long story short--drain hose was placed into wall--not into the hole with the PIPE. $##%@@$! Miguel calls. Says he'll be home in a "few minutes." I hang up on him. He calls back and tells me he is helping his sister with her computer. I hang up again.

I drive to Lowes to pick up something to dry up the floors/carpets before water damage occurs. I see Miguel on the road as he is coming home. He is just so helpful sometimes. At Lowes, one of the fellows suggests the Rug Doctor to suck up the water on the floor. Good plan--I have to clean the apartment's living room anyway. I head to the apartment and pick up the vacuum and previously purchased Rug Doctor cleaner. I come home and clean. No Miguel. After an hour, all water has been sucked up to the best of my ability, he comes in with his two brothers and fixings for dinner. How thoughtful.

He proceeds to bat his eyes, tells me he's sorry, and how he thought I had everything under control. I tell him that I have bought the Lowes' Home Improvement book and I will never NEED to call him again because I have THE BOOK and my dad to help me when I'm in crisis. I never ask for help, and probably never will, again.

Right now, hours later, he's in the kitchen, cleaning the really yummy seafood soup he cooked and (Hopefully) loading the dishwasher. I've had two cherry coke and rum drinks and can now stand to look at my wonderful fiance. Frgiveness, I told him, would be a while.

What a great day! %#$@!

The bright side is, I'm glad my knitting pattern books weren't in that hall closet or they would be goners!


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