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Saturday, June 05, 2004

No time (or really energy) for knitting these past couple of days.

Yesterday Maria and I hit a few Atlanta tourist sites. First, we went to do the CNN Behind-the-Scenes Tour. It was very interesting, IMHO. I've been in the food court on the ground level a few times. Once you pass security, you are taken up eight floors up to begin the tour. We saw the sets for CNN, CNN headline News, and the weekend studio. We walked past CNN International and CNN en Espanol. Nifty.

Next, we hit the Jimmy Carter Presidential Museum. Now, Maria and I are staunch Republicans. We went only to say we had been there. Check. I thought it was most interesting seeing who had donated money for the site. Playboy? Yup. Verrry interesting...

Finally, we went to the Margaret Mitchell house. It is not her childhood home, but where she typed (not penned) Gone with the Wind. She was laid up with an ankle injury, and her husband, upon learning that she had read ALL of the book in the local library, urged her to write her own book. And thus, history was made. A very interesting (albeit extremely long) tour. My hint to you--avoid buying anything from the gift shop. Incompetence at its best, I assure you. *hrumph*

After coming home, Miguel had borrowed a tiller (I'm sure it was from the 1950s!) and begin the methodical (and dusty) tearing up of our back and side yards to make way for grass seed. Our front was sodded when originally built, and it looks nice. The back--weeds and a little grass. We decided to start from scratch.

Tiller numero uno was crap. He went and rented one from Home Depot. Some of his family came over to help, and we got about half of the area tilled as of 9 PM. We finished up the second half, cleared away the weeds and grass, spread a first layer of seed, and watered lightly. Miguel went to turn in the tiller and pick up some more grass seed. By tonight, we'll hopefully have the seed, fertilizer, and hay laid. Now, to begin two-a-day watering.

Pray for rain!

(See, not time or energy for knitting!!)


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