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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Although I haven't been to PINS in a while, I got a hug from Jean, the founder, at our recent county-wide ESOL meeting. She told me that the next PINS would be on Nov. 20th, the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Still can't make it to this one; I've got another group meeting. I've got one this Saturday, the following Saturday is class, and then on the 20th, the same day as PINS, yup, another meeting. Ick. My mantra: twelve more classes to go, twelve more... Locals, remember, you're still invited!!

I only half-love the time change. I appreciate getting to work while it's light out. However, I hate having to close the blinds already at 5:45 pm. Another ick. As a Leo, it should be light early (except on weekends) and light late.

While flipping through knitting blogs, I came across a great tea site. They have an amazing selection! I ordered bunches of samples. I was so inspired, I brought along two bags of my loose tea to work, springtime roobis and chai. Since I now have a microwave in my classroom, I treated myself to two cups of tea today. Since the weather is finally turning fallish (we've had temps in the 70 and 80s for the last week), and we are expecting temps of 44 tonight, I will soon be drinking more hot tea at home, too. Yum!

I borrowed one of the teacher's copy of the FBHS Cheerleading Cookbook and found three great recipes. I had to cook one this same evening! Polish sausage, au gratin potatoes, california blend veggies, and cheese on top in a one skillet meal! Fabulous!! Miguel isn't home yet, but I'm sure he'll go wold for it. Lots of leftovers for both of us. :) (Holler if you want a $15 cookbook! I'm buying my own copy tomorrow.)

Anyone watching Veroica Mars or Kevin Hill? Both shows are on UPN, and both are amazing! Great writing, awesome one-liners, incredible actors, and neat premises. If you aren't watching, you should!


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