Knitting (and spinning! The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Hello everyone! Is spring here yet?

I had something snarky happen to me today (concerning knitting). I had no one to really discuss it with. So here I am. Hoping I'll have some feedback (oh wait. My board is down. Must fix that.)

As some of you know, the reason for my silence has been my pursuit of my Ed.S. degree. Once a month Maria an I get up at 4 AM are on the road by 4:45 AM, and in Cleveland, TN by 8:00 AM. We are in two classes that Saturday from 8-3 PM with an hour lunch. The days in between are spent working on group projects, reading books, writing a research report, and doing very little knitting.

One of the few days I get to knit is in class. The first day I introduced myself to the class and my professors as a knitter. I informed them that brain theory supports my need to keep my hands busy in order to commit the information to memory (plus, it helps me stay awake despite the sleep deprivation of the night before). Neither said anything about it to me.

Yes. Until now.

Before the Wendesday after class, the students are to submit a reflection to our afternoon professor. I got my response today. In between comments about my reflection and in answering a question I had posed to him, he added a sentence about my knitting. "In future classes please leave your needlework at home." Or something to that effect. I wonder if the other knitter in there got a similar directive. I have had so many of the other students comment on how they wish they could knit (and be able to stay awake) during class.

I replied that I was sorry it was a nuisance. I explained that I was better able to focus during class as based on brain gym/Smart Moves (a book we read in October) theory. I also told him I would not bring it again. We've completed half of the degree. I'm supposed to sit there (and stay awake??) for another 8 meetings? Are you kidding me? Sigh...


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