Knitting (and spinning! The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY)

Sunday, January 16, 2005

You know it's been a while since posting if these three things happen:
1. Your computer does not jump to the web address when you type in the first letter of the site.
2. You can't remember which login name you used to post.
3. You can't remember which password you used to login to post.


Back from a roadtrip from Greensboro to visit Maria's brother and go to his 30th birthday blast. We drove up yesterday morning and checked in to Embassy Suites around 3. Our room wasn't ready, so they gave us adjoining rooms with king beds. Hmmm...going from two double beds and 1 bathroom to two kings and two bathrooms. No-brainer!

His party was held downtown in a tavern and was catered by a friend who they have worked for in the past as a little side job. Nice food, good music (80's XM), great wine--Merlot and Cab mix, and nice friends. I sat with Maria's mom who came up with her sister from Atlanta, too. We headed out around 9:30 and got back to the hotel at 10. We did a couple hours of classwork for our specialist class and then crashed at 1 AM. Up at 7 (damn internal alarm clock), back out to Rudy's at 9:45, and back on the interstate at 10:30. Home at 3 PM. Miguel is out with his nephews, and I have the place to myself.

With the help of Dramamine, I was able to knit in the car on the trip up and back while we jammed to my Sirius radio. LOVE it! I'm about halfway through with the armhole length of 10 inches of my pink Berroco vest. I've nearly knit the whole 150 yard skein I wound Friday night in these last two days. I'm ready to finish this so I can wear it and show it off!

Laundry, football, bath, and knitting. And, I have tomorrow off. (to do homework, cleaning, and grading, but I'm not thinking about that now)