Knitting (and spinning! The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY)

Sunday, May 08, 2005

What a week! We have 10 days of school left--one week of regular class schedule and one week of EOCT (state-administered End of Course Tests).

The best part of this past week was playing soccer! Flowery Branch HS has made it to the Final Four!! We won last Friday (knocked off the fourth-ranked team in the state) and we beat the tenth-ranked team on Wednesday. Then, last night, we upset LaGrange HS to enter into the quarterfinals. The guys celebrated each point with so much infectious enthusiasm! After the game, the crowd was met halfway by the team and there were hugs for everybody. It took the team forever to leave the field. I was afraid one of our seniors would get left behind because he had the cutest SEG on his face and didn't look like he EVER wanted to leave that (awesome, green, golf-course-quality) field. If you want more info, go here. YIPPEE!!!

I have LMU class next Saturday (as does Coach Griffin). Should we make it to the state final, please, let it be a late game!! Maria and I are meeting later today to wrap up a presentation for the next class. Only five more classes to go after this one on Saturday. YIPPEE!!

Knitting content? Check out this! I love the way they are stabbing the poor scarf! LOL

I did finish my green Patons Fresco sweater and a matching scarf. I'm starting the felted hat I picked up during my first trip to The Yarn Garden. I'm loving the Montera I'm using!

Wish us luck on Wednesday!