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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It was back to work today. It is much colder here (try 25-degrees colder!) than it was this weekend. I'm glad it was warm because there was a lot ot do!

Friday night, the dinner at Aqua Terra was fabulous. There were eight of us, and we had a nice, liesurely dinner. Such good food and great company. Plus, it was nice not freezing by hiney off while walking to the restaurant from the car! Anna was so tuckered out from playing with Emily Grace (Daye's doggie) while I was out that evening that she actually slept the entire night. Amazing!

Saturday Anna and I made it to SnB in Gainesville. We stayed about two hours there before heading home. I was gifted with Jen's beautiful homespun Opptim (check out her blog to read about this wonderous fiber). I have decided to make the Show Your Colors Shawl from Spunky Eclectic with the Optim. I'm about 8 inches into the pattern, and I love the very slight color variations.

Sunday Anna and I went to a friend's daughter's first birthday party. Anna enjoyed playing with Megan's toys and watching all of the guests. She had lots of admirers!

Monday we stayed at home waiting for our new dryer to be bought and delivered by Miguel. The dryer is wonderful, but it has no manual for me to figure out all the neat features. We bought the Kenmore Elite H4 (in burnt orange from the Sears outlet), and it has been doing its share of drying already. Yippee! no more stiff air-dryed jeans that could stand up and walk out the door by themselves! Yeah for fluffy clothes.

In other news, I have the camera! (Now in reality, I haven't opened the camera bag to see if said camera is actually in it. Or if it is the same camera. Or if the memory card is still in it. Or batteries.) Any one of those situations would not surprise me. to come shortly.



At January 17, 2007 at 4:40:00 PM EST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of the manuals are online nowadays, something I'm not crazy about.

That shawl looks cute! Glad you had fun out the other night.

At January 18, 2007 at 11:26:00 AM EST , Blogger jenifleur said...

No way, did you buy a ton of that optim or something? I didn't think between what I had and you had that there was enough for a shawl. More power to you, it's better than what I was gonna make out of it!


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