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Wednesday, February 11, 2004


Yes, I have a finished object. Cheesylove is done! I stayed a little extra at school so I could sew the sleeves onto the body. I tried it on, and it fits! Woohoo! I showed a few people at school, and they were impressed that it wasn't store-bought. Some students (boys, actually) teased me and wanted to see the tag. I assured them that it was hand knit, and they gave me compliments, too. Since the deadline was for a V-Day wearing, it's blocking away as we speak. I'll try and post a picture on Friday.

So? Now what? I am still working along on the cotton ease red and black scarf for my department head. But as for a bigger project, maybe I'll drag out my Philosopher's Wool Kilim sweater which has been marinating since last spring break. I could start the Elsbeth Lavold Gyrid shell in my eggplant Silky Wool. I could also restart Cul-de-sac. One cable (of course at the bottom) is a little wonky. Reef Shawl? A pair of socks? Hmmm.... I'll keep ya posted.


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