Knitting (and spinning! The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY)

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I really didn't sleep well last night! First, I went to bed later than normal because I wanted to see President Bush's State of the Union Address. Great speech, but I would still change a couple of things...but won't go into that here. Then, Miguel got up early (2:50 AM) to go into work. I am such a light sleeper, and I couldn't fall back asleep until almost 5 AM. Slept in a little until 6:35 before grabbing a (HOT!) shower and hitting school. I had a parent coference at 8AM (which began 15 minutes late...). *shakes head at thinking of the kid and parent* Had a brief faculty meeting after school and then stayed until 5 PM to finish writing a world history test.
Scarfed a Publix sandwhich for dinner. Miguel is out of the house using his Christmas gift certificate from my sis and BIL. So, it's off to a hot soak in the tub (lots and lots and lots of bubbles!!), a good book, a couple hours of knitting on cheesylove, and then an early (Tylenol PM-induced) slumber.
Thank goodness tomorrow is already Thursday (and Friday is finally payday!)!


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