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Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2004!

Last year was pretty terrific. Good health, great vacations and visits from family, got married and bought a house, and met some really wonderful people in the course of knitting. And I know 2004 will be just as grand.

We spent New Years Eve at home. Miguel invited those family members and friends not in Mexico (about 15 at last count), and I invited Maria. Maria came, and no one else did. Poor Miguel. Not only that, but he fell asleep from 11 pm until just before the ball dropped in NYC while channel surfing. Sad...

Apparently, though, he has not learned his lesson because he has invited everyone over again this afternoon for a cookout. *shakes head* The weather is glorious (65 degrees and partly cloudy), so even if no one comes (or if everyone shows) it wil suite me just fine.

I have finished my poncho and love it! It took a while to put on the fringe, as expected. It's so soft and cuddly that I can't wait to wear it out.

In other news, I have begun Cul-de-sac! I figured I would have to rip out at least once or twice as I learned the pattern and what the heck it wanted from me. Yup. Twice. *sigh* It's slow going, and as other people put it, it's not a very good project to work on in front of the tv. And yet, I do try...

Have a great New Years Day, and an equally exciting, yet peaceful 2004. :)


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