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Thursday, November 06, 2003

Hi, everyone!

I finally got to see some deer close up. Yesterday morning, Tiger looked like a pointer at the back door. He was definitely looking at something with his legs splayed, tail a-twitching, and chirping up a storm. I cam to the window to see a young deer in the middle of my backyard. He had come through the trees/brush behind my house. We watched him for about ten minutes before two more deer of the same age appeared through the brush. They didn't stay long and kept close to the treeline. After five minutes, all three disappeared. What a nice way to start the day!

In knitting news, I made my first hat with some of the grey and white Brown Sheep top (the beast). Picture to be posted soon. I'll probably get to wear it tomorrow night at our final football game. Flowery Branch vs. Chestatee. The battle of the twins as they were opened the same year as us. We should win tomorrow.

Not too much more energy to write more. I'm developing a sinus cold (ick!). It might be another early night again. Last night we were in bed by 8 pm. Sad. *shaking head*


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