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Friday, October 24, 2003

Friday already?

Miguel and I just got home from my school's rendition of "Pirates of Penzance"(sp?). It was wonderful, especially since I knew most of the kids performing. They did an awesome job, even with uncooperative sets and malfunctioning mics. We both loved the goofiness and professionalness of their performace. Well done!

I have not done much knitting or spinning. Wait, I did get the felted hat finished, but not yet have had time to felt it. I first would like to buy a zippered pillowcase so as to reduce the yarn being swallowed by my trusty washing machine. I should have looked for one at WalMart yesterday. Drats! Maybe tomorrow.

I do have the PINS meeting at the tea shop to go to. Anyone in the area is welcome to go. It's at the Purple Iris tea shoppe in Buford (just off the square) from 2-5 pm. It's $5 for munchies (very little!) and tastings of a few teas. We usually have at least ten ladies show up, and we have a great time laughing and showing off our handiwork. Please, come and introduce yourself. There are knitters, cross stitchers, and quilters. Bring a project and be ready for some fun!


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