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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Happy Sunday!

I've been slowly decorating the house for Halloween. Here is my fireplace dressed up a little.I found this pumpkin at Hobby Lobby for $10. I love it!

I found these two cuties at Michael's for about $7 for the pair. I love finding good deals. Tonight I'm going to put some votives inside and see how much they light up.
My last decor picture is of my new fall mat, also from Michael's, that Tiger is inspecting. His coloring really matches the season!

I also have a couple of kntting pictures to share. Here is my before and after picture of my Booga bag done in Noro #74.
As I was knitting it, the yarn had much more hot pink and raspberry than I had expected. Yet, I love the way that it has darkened. I will be using this bag a lot this fall. It's just a little bigger than a brown lunch sack. I just need to get some kind of closure on it.
Here is my current (well, I do have many current WIPs. This is the one I'm working on. How's that?) WIP. It's in Wool Ease Chunky in Bluebell.
I love the yarn and it's texture. It's much softer than I had thought, and I'm expecting it to come out great. As you can see, the back is finished, and I've gotten about five inches of the front finished.
For my next magic, Daye and I will be doing the Cul-de-sac vest from the latest Knitter's magazine. I'm doing min in a medium blue. The LYS didn't have enough yarn for both of us to do it in red. I knew that Daye wants hers in red, so I found another color and had Angie hold the red for Daye behind the counter. It will be our first cable project, but Angie is going to work on it too and help us whenever necessary. :)


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