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Thursday, September 04, 2003

Gotta love short work weeks!

This week has flown by! I've been working on the pink sweater a little every day. Today, Daye and I were going to go to the LYS and do their open knitting. As I had understood it, everyone was welcome to bring whatever project and knit until 7 pm. Daye decided to call today and check to see if that was really the case. No, she was told snarkily. It was only for those knitters working on their Philosopher Wool's sweaters. I still could have gone, but I'm not ready to pick up that heavy sweater, yet. (It's slightly cooler this evening due to that front moving through; it's not THAT cool, yet.) I had planned on winding my pink Araucania hanks into balls. Since moving, my ball winder hasn't yet been found to put it with the other knitting stuff. When Daye told me the owner was snarky, that took all the fun out of my evening.

So, what did I do? I had a great afternoon/evening. I talked to Matt and (kinda) Rob on the phone. (Aren't they great guys?!) I ordered a cute hat pattern and some Lamb's Pride bulky to make the gorgeous hat I saw on Bo-Peep (Hi, Pam!). I have to go out and find some fake furr (Hobby Lobby, Micheal's, or Joann's) as Threadbear was out of stock of their furr. If I lived near them, they would be my second home, I fear. lol

Then, I repotted a couple of indoor and outdoor pots. If only there weren't mosquitos!! Darn pesky insects! I did manage to fix some increases that were too holey by dropping the above stitches and reworking them to my liking. I'm so glad I didn't have to rip six rows!! So much faster this way. Whew!

Now I'm sitting at the computer (duh!) all sweaky clean from a nice cool shower. Too much potting soil on my arms to wait longer than five minutes after being chased inside by the blood-suckers. Tomorrow is hat day at school, our first pep rally, a teachers' tailgate, and the first football game of the season. I bought the first game t shirt and a new Falcon's hat, my jeans are out, and I'm giving tests all day.

Just talked to Mom and Dad. Apparently, my grandfather and his wife (the one who pulls the pursestrings) have sent me a nice check for house/wedding congrats. That will pad the savings account nicely. Cushioning is a good thing!

And.... Tomorrow is Friday! Smile!


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