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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

One week left. Sigh.

In one week teachers return to school for pre-planning. I got a lot accomplished and have some great memories to last! I got married in exciting Vegas, moved into a terrific house (and out of a deteriorating apartment), took lots of trips (Virginia Beach, Columbia, and Sarasota), and relaxed (a little). Not bad for two-and-a-half months off!

Maria and I had a great time on our roadtrip this past weekend. We played cards with George and Tim, ate lots of good food everywhere we went, and thoroughly enjoyed Christi and Tom's "post elopement reception". We even got to play poker there as it was a Vegas/casino themed party. I loved seeing their new house. Christi is a great artist and her house reflects her sense of style. I'm envious! :)

Right now I'm wearing my Shimmer tank top. I should have knitted some ribbing at the waist to prevent this dreaded curling and rolling. Other than that, it fits and wears well. I went to school and had lunch with one of my knitting buddies, and she liked the tank, too. I showed her the Creatures of the Reef shawl I will begin when it arrives (any day now), and she showed me a couple of Mary Maxim cardigans she's lusting after.

I've hung a few more pictures in the house and empited a couple more boxes. The only thing worse than packing is unpacking. Ick. Slowly, however, I am working my way through the stuff.

I've begun a ribbed/twisted stitch sleeveless top in Cotton Fleece to keep my hands busy until the shawl arrives. I'm picking up spped as my fingers get used to the twisted stiches and pattern repeats. It's in a bright pink and I've had in my stash for a while. (Shoppin' the stash!) It's fun and different!


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