Knitting (and spinning! The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY)

Tuesday, July 22, 2003


Yesterday I went to The Pottery up in Commerce, Georgia. There is a HUGE outlet mall on both sides of the interstate. Because of where we now live, we are much closer to I-85, so getting up to the outlets will be faster than ever.

I went through the garden section and found LOTS of great plants for the yard. I came home with a large mandeville for only $13. I also bought some hydrangeas, a rhododendron, a camelia, a ficus, and others.

Yesterday afternoon I went with Maria and her two young cousins to Carodel Alpacas which is just down the road from me. The owner showed us her alpacas (57 there at the time!) and some fiber. The alpacas were so cute!! Mom, Dad, and Miguel all asked if I had brought one home with me. They know me too well. But I didn't. They are adorable, though.

The owner didn't know how to spin using a drop spindle, so I showed her using some of the roving she had had processed from her fleece. She was impressed and would love to learn from me. She said she would pay me in fiber. An offer I won't and can't refuse!

When I told her I wanted to purchase some fiber from her, we began weighing it. Talk about light as a feather. OMG! She ended up giving me her whole white and fawn combo batch for FREE.

Isn't it glorious? Tiger had to inspect it too, and it got his seal of approval; he jumped in the box and started kneeding it. Cat nirvana.

I've already started spinning it. It's very fine so I'm using one of my lighter spindles. I can't wait to knit something up with this tweedy yarn.

We had a huge thunderstorm around the time I had to go pick up Miguel from work (figured!). He had lent his car to a brother for the day. We came home and saw lots of trees and one wire down (on the side of the road, thankfully), cooked dinner, and promptly lost power. That was around 8 pm. We finally got it back on around 10:30. Gotta love candles.


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