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Monday, September 01, 2003

Happy Labor Day! No school! Yippee!

Everyone at school was looking forward to having the day off, myself included. Here is the week in review...

Saturday, while at PINS, I started the fixation socks using the basic socks soar method on two circs. I finished the first sock on Sunday. I love the fixation yarn and using 4s instread of size 2s. Mucho faster! Then, at school this week, I had morning duty which consists of crowd control in the cafeteria from 7:45 until 8:10. Officially, I'm to limit students going into the halls unless they have a note or a good reason. Every day, I brought my remaining sock to work on. By Friday, I was wearing my pair of new socks with my jeans and black Falcons polo. Everyone was very impressed that I finished them so quickly. :) They felt great! The only thing I would do differently would be to go down a needle size on the toes and add reinforcing thread. I could see too much pink skin through my stitches, and I think these solutions would work to alleviate that.

I still needed a break from the Creatures of the Reef shawl, so I began the Adrienne Vittadini sweater in Araucania pink wool. I took it with me to Miguel's soccer game yesterday (he was the goalie and they won 3-2!) and got quite a bit done. After working on it this morning, I've got 7 inches done from the left side. It's knit from side seam to side seam (new for me!), so it is interesting while still being a mindless k1 p1 rib.


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