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Saturday, September 06, 2003

I made it to the LYS to wind two of my hanks of Araucania into balls. So much better now! While I was winding them, one of the quilter's husbands asked me about the swift and its purpose. I explained how it worked and why I was using it, and he thought it was a pretty nifty invention. I would have to concur. :)

While at the yarn shop, I did pick up three balls of Noro in palatte 74 to make Booga's bag. Rob's email contained a link to the free pattern, and I loved it's simple style. I WILL, however, wait until I get the Vittadini sweater finished. I do have the front almost completed.

I did take it with me yesterday to our first teachers' tailgate before our first game of the season (need I say football?). I let Daye borrow my Socks Soar book a couple days ago, and she cast on her first socks yesterday before the tailgate. She and I grabbed our lawnchairs and found a shady spot behing our school (our school and stadium are connected), and started to knit. The temperature was perfect, there was a slight breeze, and it was the perfect way to cap off a pep rally crazy Friday at school. We knitted for about an hour before we were joined by John, the French/Spanish teacher who is in the room next to me. A couple more people drifted in, and the grilled hot dogs and hamburgers were ready by 5:15. We had a nice group show up, and they all smiled when they saw Daye and me knitting away. They know our love for this craft and passtime. Daye got about an inch done on her sock before she had to go and work the gate for the game. (When I visted her later, she said they had gone through 1000 $1 bills in about 20 minutes. The county set a new price of $6 for the football games, they ran through their ones that quickly! We must have had over three thousand people come, and I'm probably low-balling that figure!) We lost, but we did score twice against one of the best teams from last year. :)

Tonight I'm running errands with a friend. We'll probably grab dinner somewhere, and we might even take in a movie. Have a good evening!


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