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Monday, November 03, 2003

While reading my latest Cast On, I noticed the advertisement for the National TKGA Conference that will be held in Atlanta in April. I want to go! I mentioned it to Daye, and she said she would be interested in going. Woohoo! Anyone else locally who would like to go? We could all ride together. Anyone else out there in blogland thinking about going? Rob mentioned a retreat next year. Wouldn't this be perfect? Matt could visit his mom who lives in the area; we could all meet face to face for the first time. By "we", I mean anyone who has a knitting/spinning/fiber blog. It would be incredible! Anyone interested?
Here's a couple pictures of the Philosopher's Wool cable scarf I'm working on.
The close up.
I forgot to post the pictures I took of my red hat. Obviously, this is before felting.
Really not a good picture of me, but I wanted you to see (kinda) how big and floppy the hat is. I still have to refelt it, but I'm wondering if somehow I miscalculated and didn't make it long enough. *shrugs shoulders* What to you think?

It was another glorious, 80 degree day today. I had the windows open while driving home. Buffy's "Once More with Feeling" CD was spinning, and I was singing up a storm. Now, all those songs are running through my head. Off to cook dinner (schnitzel, roasted potatoes, and corn) and do some knitting. :)


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