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Thursday, January 29, 2004

I'm not getting sick...I'm not getting sick...

My manrta for the day. Think it will work? Me either. sigh

I've started the first cheesylove sleeve in order to avoid picking up the neck stitches. I'm hoping that by doing one sleeve before that, it will break up the SSS (second sleeve/sock syndrome). We'll see. I do love the pattern and got lots of compliments about the body at the Fiber Arts Club at school.

Monday, when we were out of school, I knit up a purple cotton chenille flower washcloth from my Weekend Knitting. I had bought the yarn from Threadbear with this project in mind. It's very cute and quick. One afternoon and evening of knitting, and it was done. :)

Now, to keep me from getting too bored with my cheesylove, I've started A Classic Clioche from Knit One, Felt Too in Silky Wool. Has anybody felted with this yarn yet? Lemme know. I know I should do a test felt, but, honestly, I'm too lazy. The wool content is close to other yarns used in the book, so I'm figuring it will work. Maybe I'll Tag Rob and see if he knows.

I'm tired, sniffly, and getting achy. I don't want to be sick!


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