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Sunday, February 01, 2004

Busy Saturday!
I ventured out to the LYS to use a $15 gift certificate I got for my birthday from a friend. (I only got it a couple of weeks ago. You think I have THAT much restraint to hold on to it from August? No way, Jose!) Daye happened to be in there, too; I figured she would be there. I thought about getting the Purl Stitch book from Melville. Then I picked up Elsebeth Lavold's book. I recognized her name from the Silky Wool google search I performed earlier this week when trying to figure out if it felted. I liked the designs in the book enough to buy it and 5 skewing of Silky Wool to make the shell in the picture on the bottom right. Did I pick out black or grey, the two colors of wool I already have? Of course not! I fell in love with the deep eggplant purple, number 05. It's much richer in person than in that picture.

I showed the book to Daye, and she fell in love with the designs, too. Originally, her 9 now-wound-into-balls skeins of Silky Wool were for her first cable sweater. Unfortunately for her, though, the patterns she wanted to do would be too large for her. In order to get gauge, she would REALLY have to go down in needle size, add about 10 more skeins of yarn, adjust the pattern to fit her tiny torso, etc. It just wasn't feasible. So, in seeing this book of patterns, designed especially for this yarn, she had to have a copy of the book, too. (I'm such a bad influence! Mwahaha!)

While at Quilted Hearts, I was told that they are going to be closing the store (GASP!) and moving. It's very convenient for me to get to them now because they are very close to I-985. They will be moving to Dawsonville Highway. For the locals, it'll be next to the Golden Buddha, past Kohl's. Not as convenient for me because I'll have to go through town to get there. They plan on being closed for the greater part of February and open again in March. Their new retail location will be about the same size, so I'm not sure why they are moving. Must be more cost effective. Dunno. Thought the locals might be interested.

Went to PINS (Purple Iris Needle Society) yesterday with Daye. There were 11 of us this time. About half of the people present were new! We were pretty evenly split between knitters and cross stitchers. Fun, fun, fun! I brought my poncho and my cheesylove body to show off. Because I didn't want to mess with working on the sleeve cap shaping, I cast on for the second sleeve and worked on that. Day is trying socks again. Both of us had a hard time counting and trying not to twist our stitches when we joined. We could both laugh at ourselves because we were mumbling while counting in order not to lose where we were. :)

Yesterday I also began another little project. I bought the Bottoms UP Bucket Hat Pattern from ChicKnits. I still wanted to do a hat, I wanted a pattern that I could do felted or unfelted. I shopped the stash and found a skein of Lamb's Pride in pink. It must have been left over from my Fuzzy Feet (still haven't found them! grrr). I'm on the top decreases already. I started it before leaving for PINS and worked on it all evening. When Miguel saw it, he chuckled and told me it was cute (but awfully pink). It might be too pink for my complexion. When it's finished, I'll post a picture.

Anything else (long post!)? We might get freezing rain tomorrow. A third week with only 4 work days? It would be too good to be true. But, we can all hope!


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