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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

My crazy life.

That's usually a gang motto, but lately, it works for this married white female. I've had meetings out the ass, getting my students and coursework ready to farm them out for four straight days while I give the Georgia High School Graduation Tests, and TWO sets of duties this week (morning AND lunch). @%$&^@@ and more @%$&^@@.

There is only one upside to all of this: I can't shuffle papers around while monitoring my kids during the test. Therefore, no grading has occurred. Why am I telling you this? Because I'm knitting. I knit while on morning duty; my eyes don't have to be constantly looking down as they do for grading or reading. I'm quiet, the kids like to see my progress when I'm knitting, and it keeps me (somewhat sane. Yes, just somewhat. I've also been fighting the flu (or something), and I've had zero energy. Miguel and I have been in bed BEFORE 8 PM. No lie. We are wiped out!

Friday night I ordered Queen Kahuna's Crazy Toes & Heels book. I had it Monday. Unbelievable! It even came in a cute little fabric tote bag. It is now carrying my SIP (sock in progress). I read how to begin toe up, 2 socks on 2 circs from Queen Kahuna's book (which I highly recommend!!), pulled out some Lorna's Laces sport in Hawaii (purchased from Rob and Matt at Threadbear), pulled out my size 2s, and began on Tuesday while my kids were working on the Science test (gosh, was that ONLY yesterday? Seems like a week ago). I just finished the toe increases and am working on the foot. I love the vibrant green and purple in the yarn. He instructions are easy to follow.

I read about this book on Melisa's blog. Check out her February 20th post. I loved the look of her heel, and she was kind enough to mail me the info about where to find the pattern. She wrote me that I'll never make socks in any other pattern, and I can see why. (She's also a big fan of Stargate, so she's ranks up there with me!)

What else have I been up to? I've finished the Noro tank, but it's still not wearable. I need to add a little more crochet to the front for me to wear it and be decent. :) I am also working on my Rowan pattern sweater (forgot the name, pics to come this weekend). It's coming along nicely. I love the peachy color I've chosen.

I've also signed up for blogarithm. I read about this on I Hide Yarn (I LOVE that name!). It's a service that emails you when your favorite blogs update. It's faster than trying to check all those wonderful blogs, only to be disappointed when you see the same blog post you read a week ago (yes, like mine lately. grin). I get an email from them overnight notifying me as to which blogs have changed. I then click over to them before heading off to work. Check them out!

Gotta run! It's almost 8 PM. :)


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