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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Nicole at Nuts4Knitting presents photos for your pleasure.

Yesterday was a glorious day! Upper 70s, at least, clear sky, and a slight breeze. A perfect day for soccer (FBHS lost but JHS won), a perfect day for a LYS sale, and a perfect day to take photos outdoors. I used my covered patio table as the backdrop. I thought the white of the pristine white (well, probably not) of the table would contrast too much with the yarn colors, so I left the cover on.

First, let me present the Jenna Noro Silk Garden tank.

The pattern is from Berroco Careers. It is 95% completed. I still have to add another row of crochet around the front. Today!

Next, here is the back of my Rowan 31 Evia.

I'm using my Sirdar Wash'n'Wear Double Crepe DK in a peach/pink.

I took this lovliness to PINS yesterday, and everyone raved about the stitch pattern and the color.

They all think it's going to be a perfect spring color for me. And because I want to wear it in the spring, I will finagle the sleeves and make them short instead of long. Never done this before; I might be asking for some help. :) So far I've just begun the armhole shaping. Lots to do until this baby's finished!

The photos which follow are the spoils of war from Quilted Hearts (aka SEX-stash enhancement excursion). I was one of six people who were there 15 minutes before the store opened. At precisely 10 AM, there were about 15 of us waiting to be let in. There was much giggling and many excited knitting and quilting enthusiasts peering through the windows to spot the goody that needed to be snatched up before anyone else could get there first. It felt like the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas when all the amazing sales are going on. Fabric, yarn, and patterns were all 50% off. I did really well!

Here is the Mission Falls Wool I scored.

Katia Sevilla

Spice. Anyone have any ideas what would be the best for this yarn? I love its rainbow colors!

Svale from Dale of Norway. Fourteen balls.

I want to make Fuchia short-sleeve(the cover pic) and Symer tank from this Dale 2001 pattern book I also picked up with this yarn. It will remain to be seen if I have enough yarn.


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