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Friday, June 18, 2004

Miguel and I went in for our first u/s today. We were very excited. I hopped up on the table and the nurse proceeded to do the ultrasound. Couldn't find anything so she did an internal one (I'm glad one of my books talked about that possibility). She still couldn't find anything other than a possible egg sac. Dr. came in and told us we had probably miscarried but would need blood tests to be positive. I had blood drawn today and will again at the hospital on Sunday. Monday we will go in and see about the results. Since there was no heart and only a little bit of tissue to be found, I'm pretty sure that their diagnosis will remain the same. They will next schedule a D&C (must read about that now) and go from there.

We will be trying again when the docs say it's safe. One in five first pregnancies are miscarriages, so it doesn't surprise me that I'm the one. Fatalistic or realistic? Dunno.


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