Knitting (and spinning! The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY)

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Today is my last morning here in Florida. I fly home this afternoon with a bigger suitcase (too much clothes shopping!!). Christi and Tom leave tomorrow. They are going to use the suitcase I'm leaving behind (too much clothes shopping!!). I will get it back (although I don't really need it) when they come on Thursday or Friday for a couple of days to visit. They will be joining Miguel, Maria, and myself at Grapes and Hops for the 5 course dinner they are hosting. Then, it's back to my house for cards until midnight. Daye, and possibly others, will be coming by after we get back from dinner to join us for cards. Should be fun.

Tom and Christi may even join us for Trivia Thursday night at Beef O'Brady's. We will be meeting with our group from two weeks ago. We won that night and received $30 in gift certificates for the restaurant. We'll cash those in (and hopefully win again) Thursday night.

Knit n'Knibble is a great yarn store. Mom and I had fun feeling all the yarn goodies along the shelves stacked up against the walls. Mom bought me a License to Knit license plate for my car (maybe THAT will keep Miguel from taking my car on the weekends...) Mom was almost tempted to pick up needles and yarn again after not knitting since Christi and I were little.

Weather looks good for my flight back to Atlanta. I just wish I could take the 70-plus degrees weather home with me!

Friday, December 24, 2004

If it's the holiday, I must be in Florida. It was 76-degrees here yesterday, but rather dreary. I flew in on Tuesday and will fly back home next Tuesday. My sister and her husband (uscboy) come in to Tampa today. We will go pick them up and stop at a new yarn store before hitting the airport. The shop is called Knit n'Knibble and is suppused to be a yarn store with a cafe. Should be fun! We are telling Dad that we need at least 30 minutes there. I'll report back on the excursion.
Right now I'm working on Luella in pink I started on the right front of the vest and am up to the neck shaping. I started Monday night. It's a fast pattern, and I hope it turns out well!
Besides knitting, I'm supposed to be doing reading for my specialist class in January. YUCK! I'll begin the book (Marzano) this morning and take it with me to the airport today. I'll probably take a dramamine so I can read on the hour-long trip up to Tampa.
Have a very merry Christams everyone!