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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Today is too beautiful to sit in here long, but I do feel the need to post since it's been so long.

Miguel worked all night, but I didn't expect him home yet at 8:30 AM. I decided to pull out my yarn stash to check out what I had in cotton for the BellyAlong. First, I had decided to do Rosebud from Knitty. Not so sure now. That's why I dragged out the stash box and the various shopping bags still crammed with loot. I have the Katia Sevilla tape in pink and blue which I picked up recently. I also have orange, red, and black Svale. I could make Fuschia from Dale out of that. Or, maybe, I should use the six balls of Cotton Ease I have in a nice electric blue. Wait. There's more. I have 7 skeins of Plymouth Fantasy Naturale in pink. I had originally bought it to make a cabled Berroco vest. Hmm...Not sure yet.

While perusing and pondering the yarn stash and its many inhabitants, Miguel came home. Early. Like around 8:45. He saw the yarn and asked me where all of it had come from. I told him mostly sales. He really didn't admonish me as I though he would. Thankfully.

As for other news, I finished the front and back of the Rowan peach sweater. I'm about two-thirds done with the sleeves. I opted to change the design of the sleeves for short ones so I can wear it more. I would love to finish them today.

I've been outside sitting on the back patio alternating between the sun and the shade. I've got a good beginning of a tan from back at Mom and Dad's house over spring break. I came inside to grab some lunch (or just maybe some more cinnamon swirl bread from breakfast) and then sit outside again. It really is a gorgeous day!


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