Knitting (and spinning! The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY)

Sunday, November 30, 2003

I really don't want to go to work tomorrow. I love vacations! I had a great time with Christi and Tom. We had a terrific and huge Publix turkey dinner. We've barely touched any leftovers. We did the now obligatory Friday after Thanksgiving shopping melee. We were the second in line at the cast register at 6:05 at Circuit City with what I bought for Miguel. After crashing for a few more hours of sleep, we went out with Maria to Chateau Elan's Paddy's Pub for dinner and cards at our place afterwards. Saturday was shopping with Christi where I found an awesome heavy wicker truck from Pier One. Christi and Tom helped me hang some sconces in the dining room, and she helped me decide on where to hang more pictures. She gave me a beautiful sconce for the hallway, and I smile each time I see it. (Thanks, again!) They left around 11 this morning, and I've been busy doing laundry and putting up some Christmas decor. Fun! But, now I'm drained, but not sleepy, and I want at least one more luxurious day of idleness...

On the knitting front, I was able to finish a Booga bag in garnet (University of SC's colors) for Christi. We felted it one night, and she was able to use it out on Saturday. I'm so glad she loves it. One more Christmas present done. :) And I was able to send their gifts home with them. Woohoo!

I finished my mittens and am working on a matching scarf. I LOVE this yarn!! Pictures to come soon.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Turkey day is almost here. My sister, Christi, and her husband, Tom, from Adventures in Boredom, are on their way even as we speak. This will be their first time seeing our house. The guest bedroom is ready, I've picked up my ready-to-heat-up turkey dinner from Publix, and we're ready for company. I've got a couple of small items I can make ahead and will do that next. I made the white trash (crispix cereal coated in melted chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar), and will soon make candied cranberries (coat cranberries with egg whites and roll in sugar) and Maria's Cranberry salsa (she swears by it). What's a holiday without food, I ask you?

As for knitting, I am almost finished with another Christmas item. It's large, so I had to begin something small, a pair of mittens. I made up one last night, but it turned out small, as I had feared. I'll rip it and go for two sizes bigger (or maybe one). I'm using the pattern from the Knitters Book of Handy Patterns (or something close). Once they're finished, they will be so snuggly soft. I splurged on the yarn! It's the most amazingly soft yarn my LYS store has (it's the purple hat yarn for the locals), and I L-O-V-E it! Absolutely yummy stuff! Pictures will come soon.

Happy Thanksgiving, and don't shop 'till you drop!

Sunday, November 23, 2003

Happy Sunday!
I wish I could talk about my knitting, but most of it is intended as Christmas presents. I did finish Miguel's cable scarf. It only needs to be blocked. I made one thing this week which turned out great. When felted, though, I knew that I could not gift it because the color had changed when felted. I'll explain after Christmas. I did go to the LYS to pick up more yarn in the right shade. Once I finish these little projects, I will need to finish my pink sweater and pick up the Kilim from this spring. I hope my hands remember how to do the two handed color work. I'm sure they will, so I'm not too worried.
It's warm enough outside that I might go and sit out and knit. I'll have to put up the umbrella because my sunglasses are in my car, and Miguel has the car. When he returns we are going out to see "Love Actually". I've heard it's terrific. Can't wait.
Not much else to say except I am glad we only have two days of school this week. :)

Sunday, November 16, 2003

It's been another one of those weeks!

Mom and Dad came for a visit on Thursday. Along with getting ready for them, I had a half day meeting to attend on Thursday. This meant getting everything ready for my sub. Plus, it was Progress Report day. Very hectic! I was able to sneak away during my planning period, and my parents and I arrived at the house within two minutes of each other. Great timing. I settled them in and then went back to school only because I had to do my afternoon duty. Ick!

Friday night we went out to dinner (Miguel got to go, too) to Beef O'Brady's, and then we came home and watched "Finding Nemo." Cute, cute!

Yesterday we were on a mission. We went out looking for a dining room set. We went to Eclectic Furniture at Discover Mills. They have great designs from Europe. I grew up with a lot of Scandinavian furniture in our house, and I love the style. We found a table and four chairs that fit my budget. We brought the table home, but Miguel and I have to pick up the chairs on Thursday. Woohoo!

Saturday afternoon Mom and I went to the World Market across from the Mall of Georgia. I LOVE that store. Of course, we found another table and chair set we liked (it was even called the Charleston, go figure!). Mom loved the store as much as I do. We also stopped at Linen 'N Things and picked up some curtains in shimmery copper. Dad helped us put them up when we got home. I really love them because they break up our white walls with a splash of elegant color. We also tackled my mound of boxes in the living room and dining room. Now, they are elsewhere, and it really opens up the rooms (go figure!).

For dinner we had Maria over. Her aunt and uncle gave us the most amazing rubber plant. It's five feet tall and spreads out about four feet! Her uncle refused to drag it inside for the winter months, and her aunt could bear to toss it, so they found it a good home. It's in the corner in my dining room along with my beautiful table and new curtains.

Miguel fixed tacos and I grilled out chorizo (Mexican sausage). I had made some of my awesome sangria. Hit the spot! Mom loved helping me roll the tacos. It was a delicious meal on my new table. With five of us, we would have been pretty squished at the kitchen table. So we broke in the new one.

After dinner, Maria, Mom, and I played Rummicub. It's a tile game similar to Rummy. Mom and I have played for years, but Maria had never played. She picked it up very quickly, and we played about four games. Fun!

We might hit Harry's today. It's an amazing warehouse full of exotic meats, vegetables, fruits, bread, wines, etc. in one huge warehouse. I've taken Mom and Dad a few times, and they are always incredulous at the selection. Miguel has two soccer games today, so we'll probably not see much of him until tonight.

Well, Mom just got up, so I'm off to make breakfast. Have a great day!

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Go Tigers! They beat a third-ranked FSU for the first time with a score of 26-10. Read all about it here.

Saturday, November 08, 2003

I found a link to Sweater Kits on one of the knitting blogs and fell in love. There are some items that are going on my Christmas wish list. First, the Cable Socks.

They are knit using alpaca yarn. Sounds scrumptious!
Next, I would love to get the Three Silk Scarf. The handpainted yarns are brilliant.
Finally, I'm really drawn to the fatherlight Cardigan.

I have a red one that looks very similar that I bought from JC Penny last fall. I love it and being able to knit a similar pattern would be ideal.
Besides having these items on my wish list, I would love to have a swift.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Hi, everyone!

I finally got to see some deer close up. Yesterday morning, Tiger looked like a pointer at the back door. He was definitely looking at something with his legs splayed, tail a-twitching, and chirping up a storm. I cam to the window to see a young deer in the middle of my backyard. He had come through the trees/brush behind my house. We watched him for about ten minutes before two more deer of the same age appeared through the brush. They didn't stay long and kept close to the treeline. After five minutes, all three disappeared. What a nice way to start the day!

In knitting news, I made my first hat with some of the grey and white Brown Sheep top (the beast). Picture to be posted soon. I'll probably get to wear it tomorrow night at our final football game. Flowery Branch vs. Chestatee. The battle of the twins as they were opened the same year as us. We should win tomorrow.

Not too much more energy to write more. I'm developing a sinus cold (ick!). It might be another early night again. Last night we were in bed by 8 pm. Sad. *shaking head*

Monday, November 03, 2003

While reading my latest Cast On, I noticed the advertisement for the National TKGA Conference that will be held in Atlanta in April. I want to go! I mentioned it to Daye, and she said she would be interested in going. Woohoo! Anyone else locally who would like to go? We could all ride together. Anyone else out there in blogland thinking about going? Rob mentioned a retreat next year. Wouldn't this be perfect? Matt could visit his mom who lives in the area; we could all meet face to face for the first time. By "we", I mean anyone who has a knitting/spinning/fiber blog. It would be incredible! Anyone interested?
Here's a couple pictures of the Philosopher's Wool cable scarf I'm working on.
The close up.
I forgot to post the pictures I took of my red hat. Obviously, this is before felting.
Really not a good picture of me, but I wanted you to see (kinda) how big and floppy the hat is. I still have to refelt it, but I'm wondering if somehow I miscalculated and didn't make it long enough. *shrugs shoulders* What to you think?

It was another glorious, 80 degree day today. I had the windows open while driving home. Buffy's "Once More with Feeling" CD was spinning, and I was singing up a storm. Now, all those songs are running through my head. Off to cook dinner (schnitzel, roasted potatoes, and corn) and do some knitting. :)