Knitting (and spinning! The Good, the Bad, and the UGLY)

Tuesday, April 29, 2003


What? you ask. I have Wednesday off, so Thank Goodness It's Tuesday. :)

Last night I grilled out because the weather was so perfect. Sunny and in the 70s. Perfect. Caribean jerk chicken, Dale's hamburgers, and corn on the cob. Add a salad, radio, glass of Merlot, no kids outside, and I'm in heaven.

Tonight, leftovers. Just as good!

As for knitting, I'm on the fourth stripe (pink). I might get off a picture tonight (or tomorrow). Also been working on spinning. It's definitely a new challenge.

Time for a soak in the tub.

:) Tiny bubbles...

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Look at what I've been up to!

After the blue I have a red stripe. Then, I'll begin the colors again.

Saturday, April 26, 2003

Da-da-dada, da-da-dada (insert wedding music here).

We have booked our wedding trip to Las Vegas. I love Gainesville, but if we had the wedding here, the entire Hispanic community would come. And no, that's not an exaggeration. EVERYONE, friends of the bride and groom or not, comes to weddings. I KNOW all my current and former students would come and see me. While that makes me feel loved, the thoughts of men who I do not know trying to dance with the bride is somehow unappealing. :) Plus, Miguel's family is huge (there are 10 siblings, and upteen nieces and nephews). My family isn't here in Georgia. So, we're combining our vacation and wedding and going to VEGAS.

My sister and her fiance are going to come (wouldn't it be cool if we had a double wedding, Tom?) and my best friend, Maria, too. I'm calling my folks at 9 am this morning to give them the specific dates. Anyone else want/need a vacation? We are staying at the New York New York Hotel (jacuzzi room, ). Email me if you want more info. (C'mon, it would be so much fun for a group of us to go!)

Here, one of the teachers at my former school is putting a shower together. She has invited Johnson folks, and she has had me invite my Flowery Branch folks. I feel so loved that someone would go through this trouble for lil' ol' me.


Today is the monthly PINS (Purple Iris tearoom Needlework Society) meeting. Three hours of knitting, talking to new people, oohing and ahhing at others' projects, tea, scones, and lovely background music. I'm bringing my knitting friend from school, Day.

:) Life is good!

Thursday, April 24, 2003

I've begun the Felted Day Pack from Two Old Bags (I just love that name). I'm doing the bottom in green and probably the first three inches before switching to a different color. I began last night and have the bottom completed. Tonight I have to pick up the stitches around the base and begin knitting in the round. :)

My drop spindle should be here either this weekend or the beginning of next week. Woohoo!!

Talked to Matt and Rob from Threadbear Fiber Arts tonight. They're great guys!! I love chatting with them on the phone.

And, best of all, tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

I stopped by Discount Books here in town to possibly find some reading materials for my intermediate group. They are a great bookstore to find cheap used paperback books, craft books, and children's books. I couldn't believe it when I saw a rack with Berroco patternbooks. WOOHOO! I love Berroco patterns! Each one was $1.99--buy 10 and get 2 free. Need I say more? I came with 24 booklets/leaflets. In addition to the Berroco, I also picked up Fatto a Mano by Lang Yarns, a few Reynolds Patterns, a Classic Elite Yarn Pattern booklet, and a Skacel Sock it to Me! Issue #2 booklet. AND…I picked up three sets of Brittany birch needles--sizes 6, 7, and 8. These were marked Sale $6.99 and were in a 50% off box. So, everything cost me $56. Good deal, huh?

Here's the run-down:
Classic Elite Yarns 691 Newport Cotton (3 patterns)
Fatto a Mano by Lang Yarns (30 patterns)
Andean Alpaca Volume 287 ($3.00 normally) (4 patterns)
Andean Alpaca Regal 473 ($1.50 normally) (1 pattern)
Candide 990 Family Snowflake Pattern
Candide 991 Hat, Cap, Mittens, Socks Pattern
Eternity 536 Multi-colored Cardigan
Lite-Lopi 854 Cables and Seed Pullover
Paterna 818 Sleds Pullover
Paterna 819 3-Skiers Snowflake Pullover
Tucson 963 Lattice Cardigan
Skacel Sock it to Me! Issue #2 (7 patterns)
Brochure #164 Cotton Collection (6 patterns)
Brochure #166 Cotton Collection (4 patterns)
Brochure #170 CitySoft-wear Collection (6 patterns)
Brochure #173 TropicalMix (8 patterns)
Brochure #177 Wardrobe (12 patterns)
Brochure #181 Evening (10 patterns)
Brochure #183 Career (11 patterns)
Brochure #164 Cotton Collection (6 patterns)
Brochure #185 Basics (13 patterns)
Brochure #187 Wrap Up (11 patterns)
Brochure #189 Summer Basics (12 patterns)
Brochure #190 Getaway (10 patterns)
Brochure #189 Connoisseur Collection (9 patterns)
Brittany birch needles
sizes 6, 7, and 8

Monday, April 21, 2003

Saturday and Sunday were spinning research days for me. I checked out blogs, online stores, and ebay. I found a kit for $9.99 on ebay, bid, and won a top whorl kit.

I am really excited and can't wait to get it to try it out. :)

On other news, I worked a few more rows on the Kilim and got about an inch done on the sock. Pic coming soon!

Saturday, April 19, 2003

I bought my first roving today. All the talk about spinning has piqued my interest. Matt at Crowingram is hooked, to name at least on blogger taken recently. My LYS is offering a spinning class in May. I have been thinking about checking into it. Today, I made my monthly Saturday LYS run to show off my KIlim progress. They are beginning a Thrusday evening PW knit-along. They all loved my colors and asked if I was having fun working on it. I replied affirmatively and spotted a couple bags of roving. Four bags had a crean/yellow colored roving. The bag which jumped into my hands is a greyish-brownish and reminds me of a rabbit.

The bag is stuffed, and I could not resist. I also signed up for the class while paying for the roving. So, now where should I buy a drop spindle? Top or bottom? Any suggestions from the spinners out there? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Unfortunately, the student I went to watch in the Miss Georgia Latina did not end up a finalist. :( She was beautiful, carried herself extremely well, and worked extremely hard, but it just wasn't to be this time. Next year, I'm sure! I went out with the two teachers, and we had a blast! We ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory(incredibly good shrimp, adult beverages, and -of course- cheesecake!!) and headed over to the Hyatt for the main event. The event started late, but the (provided) wine was a welcome distraction.

There were twenty-five girls representing Brazil, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, and Mexico. They had produced a few videos (like a Miss America pagent), swimsuit, traditional, and evening gown competitions. It was classy, and it was really cool being there. I even did some knitting! I brought my toe-up sock that I've worked very little on. Having it did keep me awake. Fridays, after a long week of teaching, are not stay-up-late evenings. We were all bushed when we left at 11:15. Gettin' old is rough.

Tonight--the PROM!

Friday, April 18, 2003

This will be a busy next couple of days. One of my students is going to compete tonight in Miss Latina for Georgia (or something close to that). I'm going with two other teachers tonight to cheer for her. We will be changing after school and then driving down to Atlanta for the ritzy affair. Should be fun! Also, since today is Good Friday, I'm curious to see how many of my students will be out today because of going to church last night and today.

Tomorrow is the PINS (Purple Iris tearoom Needlepoint Society) meeting. Plus, I'm going out with a different teacher to dinner and then the prom. We both wanted to go, but neither of us wanted to go alone. She lives nearby, so she'll pick me up and we'll have some fun. :)

Monday I've got a chiropractor appointment. Must not forget...

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

I've promised you a picture of the 6 1/2 inches of the Kilim body. Check it out here. What do you think? Tag me!

Monday, April 14, 2003

Wow! Look at what I found at Knitting Beyond the Hebridges. My favorites are here and here and here. Absolutely beautiful!

Sunday, April 13, 2003

I've added two new photos to my Yahoo! Photos group. Added are the second Kilim sleeve and Mom's finished socks. I got tired of working on the second sleeve, so I began the body of the Kilim. Tomorrow I'll take a pic of the four or so inches I have completed so far. :)

I'm home. Yea! :)

Friday, April 11, 2003

We took Miguel to the airport early yesterday morning. We changed his return flight without too much trouble and expense. Then, Mom and I headed to the LYS in Sarasota. One is the Spinning Wheel (right next to a fabulous restaurant, Ivo’s). There Mom treated me to four balls of Crystal Palace Shimmer in a deep blue. Maybe a tank top? Don’t know yet, but it sure is yummy! I also picked up a 32 inch size five needle to begin the Kilim sweater ribbing. No, I’m not yet done with the second sleeve, but I needed a change.) I also picked up some multi-size and –color so as to keep track of where I am on the sweater. Then, we hopped over to the Knit Nook on Bee Ridge. I found the size 8 needle I need for the above sweater. This one is a 36 inch needle, and I think it will be just right. Both stores have fabulous selections of yarns, and I love visiting them when I come down. Now, if only I had the money to afford everything I like (and five more lifetimes to knit it all.)

Miguel got his passport stamped (3 hours of waiting in line for someone to take ten seconds to stamp it). Then he came home to see our apartment spotless, rearranged, and slightly redecorated. Seems his brother and girlfriend were a little cleaning-happy and bored. Miguel probably thought he had walked into another apartment! (No, I am NOT complaining! Lol) Can’t wait to see it.

Jose gave him the INS letter, and Miguel was disgusted when he read it. It told him to come down anytime, Monday through Friday, to get his passport stamped if he was planning to leave the country. Otherwise, the green card is going to be mailed to him in the next several months. So, his hurry-up trip back home was totally unnecessary. Oh well. It’s done, and he won’t have to worry about it anymore.

Monday, April 07, 2003


We got a call yesterday from one of Miguel's brothers that Miguel's appointment for his green card is this week. The letter informing him of the appointment came on Saturday. Yes, the one week we are on vacation, he has to fly back early to go to INS. If they don't give him the stamp on the passport (the supposed last step before they mail out his green card), I will be severely pissed (insert any other appropriate explative possible).

So, he's flying back Thursday morning (an extra 1 and a half hour round-trip drive to Tampa for Mom and Dad) to go to INS. Frickin-frackin...So, to mollify myself, I'm hitting the two yarn shops in Sarasota either Thursday or (more probably) Friday. hrmph

I have done only a little knitting (yesterday morning). Just too busy laying by the pool, going to the beach, playing horseshoes, croquet, or Rummikub, or chatting with everyone. Great (until yesterday's unexpected news) vacation. (breathe,,,breathe)

Sunday, April 06, 2003

Florida, we are glad we made it!

As you can see, we made it to my folks house, but not without some difficulties. Our plane was supposed to begin boarding at 12:30 pm. At 1:30 we were told it was cancelled. Yes, the flight was cancelled. Let me tell you, there were about twenty passengers who were flying to Tampa to catch a cruise, and they were less than pleased. Airtran finally got us a plane, and we began boarding at 3:00 pm. Got into Tampa at about 5 pm, so not too bad (only 2 and a half hours late). But hey, I'm on vacation, so I wasn't too pissed. lol

For dinner, Mom and Dad took us to a seafood restaurant, so Miguel was in heaven. He had crab knuckles,and I had Mahi Mahi (outstanding with leftovers for lunch today). We got home around 8:30 pm (late dinner) and unpacked a little. I showed Mom my Kilim sleeve, and she loved it. :) I had brought along the Philosopher's Wool book, and she agreed that all the color combinations and patterns were breathtaking.

I plan on paying homage to the sun gods today and getting some knitting done. :) Everyone, peace!

Saturday, April 05, 2003

"I'm leaving/on a jet plane/ don't know when I'll be back again..."

Well, I'll be gone for a week. I'll be able to check in (and keep everyone posted) at least once a day. My dad has a dialup (gasp!) connection, and I'll use his 'puter to blog and check all my favs.

I've got my yarn wound and ready to go for the Kilim. If there's room (insert evil laugh), I'll add the yarn for the day pack and begin that possibly today (yes, Rob and Matt--I'll take pics). The flight is an hour and a half down to Tampa, and I plan to knit on the plane and in the airport. (Maybe even on the MARTA train.)

Have a great day everyone! God bless our troups who are on deployment everywhere in the world. :)

Thursday, April 03, 2003

Woohoo!! SPRING BREAK, BABY! If I didn't have plans to go out tonight, I would already be drinking. :)

What am I doing? Going out with Lisa, the wife of the coach from whom I buy my Advocare. They are having a "women's night". I'm hoping for some free samples and a new friend. Then, home to drink. Salud!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

One more day of more day of work...

In the last couple of days, I've gotten very little knitting done; I have done more with my mouse than with my needles. I've listed my blog on Blogshares. It's an online "stock market" for blogs. Kinda cool, and really addicting. I've been playing around with it for the last two days trying to set it up. So, if you have me linked on your blog, thanks! My "stock value" goes up with every link to and from my page. (Yes, I'm competative! Can you tell? Grrr.)

Tonight's plan (when I can pull myself away from the 'puter) is to begin packing and making a list of what to take. Yippee! Braves will be on TV soon! Life is good (and after 3:20 tomorrow afternoon, it will be a helluva lot better!)!

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Good Lord, is it Spring Break, yet???!!!??